Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Baby Shower in a Box! For my far away friend!

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers!!!! Besides having a bouncing baby yourself, there is nothing better than your dear friend having a SECOND addition to her family! There is also nothing more heart tugging and frustrating than having that friend live on the other side of the country, much to far for this Mommy's finances to go visit. So! I did the best thing I could think of to do ... I made and sent her a Baby Shower in a Box!!!
I can't share the multiple boxes of clothes I have with her so I added a few outfits and a pair of shoes. Then I put the things I made on top. If you haven't noticed, she had a BOY!!
I love party favors! I made them a "Ready 2 POP" pop corn tub favor. I used Close To My Heart's cricut cartridge, Artiste, on the tub (Artiste rocks!!!) and I hand cut the "belly". I added two things of popcorn for them to munch on.

 I added three pairs of baby socks in the bottom of the little hiding place, aka the favor tub.
 What is any party, let alone a baby shower, with out decorations??? Not one, so I made her a creative streamer for décor! I used CTMH's cricut cartridge, Artiste, on this also! It took a little more time than a simpler one would have, but it is a great "WOW" piece!
  This is what it looks like hanging! (It could have smaller or bigger spacing.) I think it would look too cute hung on the wall above a baby's crib! The Artiste never seizes to amaze me! Just make sure to use strong adhesive. I stamped each circle and then made each sphere out of 10 circles. It could be done in solid colors or with any other stamp on each piece.

 Last but definitely not least ... I made her a baby boy album for her new addition!!! Besides a few stickers and ribbon I have had, everything is CTMH supplies! The paper I used was CTMH's Chantilly, Lagoon, and Desert sand.
 I love this album! I made every page, font and back different, but for the most part kept the theme the same of the two pages shown at a time. I made sure to add a special theme on two pages for the very important big brother!!! All the pages can be used for any and all of their family though. I hope they enjoy it for many years to come! Here is a closer look:

You can't have a baby shower with out at least one game, so I topped the box off with a little baby alphabet game! I of course didn't want to leave out the big brother, so I added a special big brother award! I put a few stickers in also for him to use on his award! I then filled the box with shipping peanuts to make sure everything made the long trip safely!
If you would like to get these awesome supplies in your own hands to make beautiful creations, then shop with me here! Plus if you love the type of streamer/garland for any party or room décor, but don't want to do it yourself, you can always contact me and request I make one for you! I can make you a personalized min album, favors, décor, and much more! You can go to my Etsy shop and contact me on their, through my Facebook page, or through my email at
 I hope you enjoyed the Baby Shower in a Box I sent my far away friend! She just had him and he is absolutely precious! I want to again wish every special mom a very Happy Mother's day! Hope you get lots of time to create with your kiddos!

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