Monday, November 5, 2012

My son's Rubber Ducky 2nd Birthday!!!

My son turned 2-Years-Old in October! My biggest wish was for him to have fun and enjoy his party. ...And he did! He loved seeing everyone, running after his cousins trying to hug them, eating pizza and cupcakes, and of course he was very interested in the new toys that he found under some paper. He of course loved getting what ever he wanted and being the center of attention for a few hours! lol
The theme of his party was Rubber Ducky! Some may think it was too young of a theme... but he does like his rubber duckies during and after bath time! ...Plus I knew that this was the last year he wouldn't care about the theme and I wanted to choose a theme he wouldn't want next year.

I made his rubber ducky birthday banner using the large chipboard banner from Close To My Heart. This paper is just something I happened to have. The blue pattern paper reminded me of bathroom tiled walls or floor, so I just had to use it! The banner is 5 pieces in all (ducky, I'm, ducky, 2!, ducky). I made scalloped squares to add that bubble look to the banner to match the rest of the decor.

Instead of the traditional scalloped circle cupcake toppers I made these rubber ducky cupcake toppers with scalloped square shape. I made half of the cupcakes them selves blue (turned out more like green since it was yellow cake) and half yellow. I made half of the icing blue and left half white. As you can see in the pictures i did each cupcake with some white and some blue icing. I used an icing bag to do this. (got a little messy since I'm not very skilled at icing)

Jacob seemed to enjoy his cupcake! In the first picture he is taking a bite, in the second picture he is licking the icing off of his lip, and in the third he is licking it off of his chin. HAHAHA I loved these pictures the most and had to share! There is my little man though. I think this is the first picture I've shared with you all on here. He is very independent, very stubborn, and he knows too well that he is handsome.

These are the matching little favors. Honestly this was an error fixed. I planned on putting the paper cupcake topper on each side of the york peppermint with the tooth pick to use the favors as cupcake toppers. After making the first one I realised that it was to heavy for the stick to even hold, let alone the soft cupcakes. So I put one side of the paper toppers on the tooth picks to be toppers on the cupcakes and the other half I adhered to the  little york peppermint patties as favors. I did stack them in this pyramid like shape at the party also.

I hope you all like what I created for my son's 2nd Birthday Party! I am going to put the banner on my Etsy shop soon to sell so if you are interested in this banner then feel free to contact me! I would be so thankful if you started following my blog! I have many other cut outs I can make for your next party if you would like also!

Don't forget I have a giveaway going on still right now with a premade card and more than enough supplies to make two of the premade card or whatever your creativity wants to make!
P.S.- I will have the pictures from my very first Christmas Card Workshop up soon!

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